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any of several sects of Orthodox Judaism that reject modern secular culture and many of whom do not recognize the spiritual authority of the modern state of Israel

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An opinion piece in Haredi newspaper Mishpacha on Thursday, by deputy editor Aryeh Ehrlich, began in Arabic: "We, the Haredi public, have no interest in going up to the Temple Mount (al-Aqsa Mosque) at this time.
Nor did they focus explicitly on the subsidies paid to Haredi (ultra-Orthodox) Jews, many of whom dedicate their life to study and do not contribute to the economy or serve in the army, despite the fact that this is a major grievance of the middle class.
GAZA, Feb 5 (KUNA) -- US consulate in Jerusalem has warned tourists against 'immodest attire' in Jerusalem amid growing concerns over recent haredi extremism, Israeli daily Yediot Aharonot revealed Sunday.
The Haredi community in the news lived in a colony called Beit Shemesh.
More than any groundswell of political momentum in Israeli secular society, or any one lawsuit filed in America or Tel Aviv, that is why the voices of Haredi women will ultimately determine whether their place at the back of the bus is a permanent one.
They both want to extend compulsory military service to the members of Haredi parties, instead of them living on state handouts on the pretext of their religious studies.
Set in Israel's ultra-Orthodox Haredi Jewish community, it centres on 18-year-old Shira, whose plans for an arranged marriage go awry when she is pressured into marrying her brotherin-law following the untimely death of her sister.
Addressing classical questions about the nature of God and the role of Israel in redemption, as well as recent concerns about whether Judaism has a theory of self and ethics, and its relation to existentialism, he analyzes Torah underpinnings of Modern Orthodoxy in arguing that it is a more authentic version of Judaism than the haredi (ultra-Orthodox) tradition.
Set in Israel's ultra-Orthodox Haredi Jewish community, it centres on 18-year-old Shira whose plans for an arranged marriage go awry when she's pressured into marrying her brother-in-law following her sister's death.
First, the term haredi, while accurate, is used more in Israel by both scholars and those within the communities.
We can't go there, it's forbidden by the Torah," said Nathan Barzilai, 35, a Haredi Jew walking through the Muslim quarter of the Old City.
By the end of the three-year period, Kremnitzer said, there will be new elections and a new government, possibly including Haredi parties, "and the whole law would become thin air.
A few members of each tribe are already so alienated that they turn to violence, like the settlers who attack Palestinian children, the Israeli Arabs who run amok and kill Jews, or the Haredi fanatic who attacked the Gay Pride march.
The Israeli military has chosen to place Haredi soldiers in companies only comprising of Haredis as commanders believe they do not experience conflict with secular soldiers in especially composed units.
A planning report compiled by Gateshead Council describes how the old facility is now too small to cope with the size of the growing Haredi community.