International Society for Krishna Consciousness

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a religious sect founded in the United States in 1966

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Many know of the Hare Krishna Movement, but few know of the founder.
Although the film is about the Hare Krishna movement, I see the themes of the film much more on the general level.
Thus the Singapore State would be expected to be extra vigilant when new religious movements like the Hare Krishna movement take root in the city state.
Govinda's Vegetarian Buffet, a new restaurant at 1030 River Road, has roots that run deep into the culinary and spiritual beliefs of the Hare Krishna movement.
Then, from the 1960s through 1990s, the Hare Krishna movement and its subgroups established their own temples in Vrindaban.
Most registered groups experienced no problems, but the Hare Krishna movement, a registered group, suffered the demolition of 25 homes as part of the Karasai local government's campaign to seize title to its land based on alleged violations of property laws.
THERE are some conmen around and unsuspecting champagne swillers in the Bollinger tent were, amazingly, handing over money to a man reportedly from the Hare Krishna movement, who somehow had acquired a media pass.
Hari-dhamadasa, spokesman for the Hare Krishna movement in the UK, said more than 5,000 people packed Trafalgar Squarefor the event.
Lewis discusses the historical and legal context for the cult controversy and provides information on many groups and movements, including People's Temple, Hare Krishna Movement, the Unarius Academy of Science, and Jesus People USA.
The tension between the Hare Krishna movement which naturally opens the doors of the manor to thousands of Hindus coming from the greater London area to worship and celebrate religious festivals, and the local residents persists despite ups and downs and finally arrives at a deadlock.
Bliss came much later, after he was associated with the Hare Krishna movement.
Later, George developed an interest in the Hare Krishna movement, showing his devotion to the sect on his post-Beatles hit My Sweet Lord, on which parts of the Krishna mantra are repeated.
The author is unknown and it is not known if there is any affiliation with the Hare Krishna movement.
Often known as the Hare Krishna movement, in deference to the famous mantra the group chants in public venues and temple services worldwide, ISKCON is based on ancient Sanskrit texts of India.