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Using this proof-of-concept board, hardware engineers can see first hand, in a quick and cost-effective manner, how FPGAs along with soft-core processors can be a viable alternative to fixed-function ASSPs.
DSP hardware engineers can quickly capture and verify complex DSP algorithms, target various FPGA device technologies, and then rapidly explore performance, area and multi-channelized optimizations based on user-specified constraints.
Specifically, the 2007 Yoh market analysis found there will be nationwide demand in the R&D space for clinical research associates, biostaticians, firmware engineers, and hardware engineers.
EVE can now serve a larger community of leading system-on-chip designers, including hardware engineers and embedded software developers.
Simulink HDL Coder is an industry first for system and hardware engineers, letting them adopt Model-Based Design in their development processes for both hardware and software.
C-DOT has a strong pool of around 800 software and hardware engineers with world-class technology development centers based in New Delhi and Bangalore, India.