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(computer science) a program that determines how a computer will communicate with a peripheral device

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The software automates the otherwise difficult and time-consuming task of updating device and hardware drivers on a Windows computer making it a job any novice user can handle on their own.
With just one-click individuals can personalize their content and services, with no need for installing host applications or hardware drivers as part of the installation process.
With the use of universal hardware drivers, Dimetis tools can support any hardware, any software and any service in the network.
lt;/p><p>MiFi also allows users to easily personalise their content and services, with no need for installing host applications or hardware drivers as part of the installation process.
Also with SP1, Novell announces enhancements to the Partner Linux Driver Program, a program that allows SUSE Linux Enterprise customers to receive the latest supported hardware drivers and kernel modules from the NovellA[R] partner ecosystem in a timely manner.
Customers complained about a number of issues, from clunky performance to missing hardware drivers.
Delivery also includes an RTL test bench with test data, ANSI C source code for hardware drivers with software test bench and test data, and hardware & software integration guides and API manuals.
This version of Windows XP did not see widespread adoption due to a lack of available software and hardware drivers.
The registry degrades each time hardware drivers are corrupted, when software is incorrectly removed from the system, when invalid program shortcuts are left on your hard drive, or when dozens of other problems occur in daily computing.
For example, libraries and modules such as hardware drivers and middleware originally developed for the Renesas proprietary tools can be reused by IAR Embedded Workbench without costly and time-consuming porting efforts.
Version 9 also extends the range of measurement and control hardware drivers to support the National Instruments M series, Measurement Computing, as well as CAN boards made by IXXAT.
Improved management of Hardware Independent Restore features, allowing administrators to have greater control over hardware drivers when migrating to new, different hardware;
s work is to realize, from the android source code posted by Google hardware drivers and equipment, rebuild (compile) a generic ROM for the terminal.