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a valve that regulates the supply of fuel to the engine

(chemistry) a substance that initiates or accelerates a chemical reaction without itself being affected

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On display and continuously demonstrated over the two-day event will be EVE's Hammer[R] SX/MX hardware accelerator and ZeBuUF4 hardware-assisted verification platform.
With the Builder Tool, time critical algorithms can also be partitioned and migrated from software into dedicated hardware solutions with an efficient hardware accelerator.
There are specific extensions being integrated into Fahrenheit that will enable companies to develop hardware accelerators specifically to improve performance of programs incorporating the APIs.
The video core includes a 16-bit RISC processor and dedicated hardware accelerators.
Web browsing and Internet communications are powered on the Vaddis V by the embedded CPU and hardware accelerators, including an on-chip graphics accelerator and Audio DSP.
developer of the Hammer line of hardware accelerators.
Because VRaptor is a heterogeneous multi-core architecture, the configurable ARC 750D CPUs, vectorized SIMD media processors, dedicated hardware accelerators, and I/O devices are programmed with the same tools and interconnected with ARC's active communication channels technology.
Plug-In VLIW Turbocharger Leverages Existing Simulation Infrastructure and Eliminates the Need to Implement Designs in Hardware Accelerators
Hammer SX and Hammer MX family of hardware accelerators offer an exceptional value at a compelling price/performance point," said Rahm Shastry, president & CEO of Tharas Systems.
Since hardware accelerators and even our previous client software could not be deployed outside of the enterprise, this new capability seamlessly maximizes the user experience for all users of an enterprise's network," said Dorworth.