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water that contains mineral salts (as calcium and magnesium ions) that limit the formation of lather with soap

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If hardness of water is very high it may even cause non uniform dyeing.
The hardness of water used in the study conducted by Srinivasan was 212.
On the other hand, it is assumed that hardness of water higher than its alkalinity (CH/TA ratio > 1) is harmless to fish growth (BOYD, 1979).
2] is capable to simultaneously increase the alkalinity and hardness of water as well as the CaC[O.
The pH, ammonia concentration, level of microbial contamination and the hardness of water used in scald tanks, washers and chiller tanks can influence the ability of sanitizing procedures to remove microorganisms from carcasses during processing.
The phytoplankton showed a direct relationship with light penetration, pH, oxygen, total alkalinity and total hardness of water (Mahboob, 1986).
Hardness: The hardness of water is due to the presence of calcium and magnesium salt.
Tables I A & B gives the analytical results for the concentrations of calcium, magnesium and hardness of water (the sum of the concentrations of calcium and magnesium) for each sample according to the location site number shown in Figure 1.
Washing solutions were prepared using deionized water, and different hardness of water was achieved by using corresponding amounts of MgS[O.
Sources of water, hardness of water, water treatment and conditioning for municipal and industrial purpose.
This research indicates that the hardness of water may be one of the characteristics of processing water that should be monitored by poultry processors.
Experimental research shows that the cavitation treatment changes hardness of water as presented in Fig.