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29th President of the United States

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My affection for Harding is one of my ur-enthusiasms, an early taste that shaped, to some degree, everything that came after it, all the noncompliant, obnoxious, not entirely accountable or responsible fictional women I've loved since.
Harding, who represented himself after learning a solicitor would cost PS360, claimed he hit back after a Boro fan put a wheelchair-bound pal in A&E.
The regulatory body said Mr Harding might be living in the country and robbing investors by offering fake investment products or other financial services.
The jury heard Mr Harding let his dog, an Alsatian called Lunar, out in the front garden.
Wilson, a member of the Harding faculty since 1971 and department chair since 1984, will return to full-time teaching duties.
Harding recalled the events of those 36 tremulous days of 15 years ago at the Florida Supreme Court Historical Society's portrait presentation ceremony April 9 in Tallahassee.
Assumption named the 34-year-old Harding its 14th coach in program history on Sunday.
With those words, Warren Gamaliel Harding bluntly rejected the progressive era, which his election as president in 1920 brought to an abrupt end.
Iwan Harding was found to have committed unprofessional conduct and was banned from teaching in Wales.
Harding carried on a sensational correspondence with his mistress in a selection of love letters, it has been revealed.
A native New Yorker, Vincent Harding was born and raised in West Indian neighborhoods in the boroughs of Manhattan and the Bronx.
Harding proposes to conduct an exorcism, with the intention of casting out one particularly persistent specter from the field of avant-garde studies: Peter Burger's 1974 Theory of the Avant-Garde, which has exerted an outsized influence since its 1984 publication in English.
All 10 wickets fell to the seamers, Callum Harding claiming impressive figures of 5-59 while debutant Richard Stanyon took two wickets.
WILLIS GROUP HOLDINGS has named LESLEY HARDING to head the international insurance broker's European captive management and advisory team.