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29th President of the United States

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The next evening, at about the same hour, accompanied by two others whose names are not recalled, they were again on the porch of the Harding house, and again the mysterious phenomenon occurred: the vine was violently agitated while under the closest scrutiny from root to tip, nor did their combined strength applied to the trunk serve to still it.
By day and by night crowds of persons assembled at the Harding house "seeking a sign.
Harding had never visited her relatives in Iowa, nor did they know that she was supposed to have done so.
Of Robert Harding and the rest of his family nothing is known.
Hall, 44, of Chestnut Avenue, Wrexham, was said to have been walking his Patterdale terrier called George when he passed the home of Stephen Harding in the Southsea are of the town in August last year.
This Week: Denise Fisher, chair of the Department of Family & Consumer Sciences at Harding University
Michael Harding asked himself two questions when he was considering the Assumption men's basketball head coaching job.
With those words, Warren Gamaliel Harding bluntly rejected the progressive era, which his election as president in 1920 brought to an abrupt end.
Iwan Harding was found to have committed unprofessional conduct and was banned from teaching in Wales.
On behalf of Harding's Hope and all those affected by MS, we are thankful to the hundreds of individuals and organizations that contributed this past year to make this donation possible," Harding said.
Harding carried on a sensational correspondence with his mistress in a selection of love letters, it has been revealed.
Harding proposes to conduct an exorcism, with the intention of casting out one particularly persistent specter from the field of avant-garde studies: Peter Burger's 1974 Theory of the Avant-Garde, which has exerted an outsized influence since its 1984 publication in English.
All 10 wickets fell to the seamers, Callum Harding claiming impressive figures of 5-59 while debutant Richard Stanyon took two wickets.
WILLIS GROUP HOLDINGS has named LESLEY HARDING to head the international insurance broker's European captive management and advisory team.
Kenneth Harding was caught with 18 wraps of heroin, worth pounds 579, hidden in ivy on the wall of a bungalow, Teesside Crown Court heard.