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computer hardware that holds and spins a magnetic or optical disk and reads and writes information on it

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The harddrive of the Periphery Doctrine, according to Parsi, survived many crashes, including the 1979 Iranian Revolution, the end of the Cold War and the first Gulf War, although concrete foreign-policy outcomes had taken surprising turns.
Anyone who wants to try out something a bit different with an underground feel should check out Harddrive, tomorrow night, at the West Indian club, Spon Street, Coventry city centre, 10pm to 3am.
On the computer gardai also found spreadsheets detailing the names of prostitutes, dates and amounts of cash received were also saved on the laptop's harddrive.
Police raided Griffin's home after a tip-off and removed a computer harddrive, where the images had been stored.
Prize: each 1x Xbox 360 games consoles (60 GB harddrive pounds 169.
Cloud computing involves the transfer of data and applications from a computer harddrive onto the internet.
In interviews with police, Clare acknowledged that his wife,Christine, and her friend Mandy Pullen, the two other people who had access to the computer, would not have been interested in the images found on its harddrive.
But he is concerned that he could have received a harddrive containing illegal material.
You can access your report whichever country you are in without using harddrive space
And that could lead to crank calls for some of Europe's leading players as his harddrive has some impressive contact details.
Has a well-stocked harddrive capable of recording 142 hours worth of your favourite programmes while being able to record of every format under the sun.
But instead of the 40 hours of video, on average, that a standard 80-gigabyte harddrive might store in a Tivotype digital video recorder, the new drives can hold 200 hours - half a terabyte, or more than 500 billion bits of data.
Spybot's interface is straightforward: buttons along the left side allow access to Spybot's many features, while the large main section provides details, such as the results of a spybot searchof your harddrive.
ddr3 sd ram upgradable to 4gb, 500gb sata harddrive or
More worryingly, the harddrive purchased by Pointsec over e-Bay contained highly sensitive information from one of Europe's largest financial services groups with pension plans, customer databases, financial information, payroll records, personnel details, login codes, and admin passwords for their secure intranet site.