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Synonyms for hardcover

a book with cardboard or cloth or leather covers


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having a hard back or cover

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Army armorer Dolf Goldsmith has written The Browning Machine Gun, an elaborate and impressive 552-page deluxe hardcover book detailing the evolution of the weapon from its birth in 1895 to the recoil-operated version in World War I through the variations used in World War II and Korea.
This softcover edition was first published as a hardcover book in 1998.
In 1951, during the McCarthy witch-hunt, Donald Webster Cory's hardcover book The Homosexual in America appeared, the first in America with that word in its title, "so people will have to say it to purchase a copy or check it out at a library," he once told me.
The FTA is selling the hardcover book for $18, which includes shipping and handling.
We adopted [the Questia] program two years ago and it has proved much more economically efficient than buying a hardcover book for each student," he says, "and the system also extends library services to all our students.
This project resulted in the publication of Cancer Stories: Lessons in Love, Loss and Hope, a large-format hardcover book that contains photographs, stories about patients, and a DVD copy of an award-winning documentary, which will be distributed nationally by the PBS-TV network.
BNA Books (Arlington, VA) has published "Federal Appellate Practice," a hardcover book that includes explanations of each stage of the appellate process, from preserving and protecting a record in the trial court, through briefing and arguing appeals, to preliminary considerations relating to possible Supreme Court review.
While his photos have been reproduced hundreds of times, in "Popsie: Popular Music Through the Camera Lens of William 'Popsie' Randolph" they appear in the first hardcover book retrospective to cover his life and legacy.
The most popular adult fiction hardcover book among Americans in 2006 was For One More Day by Mitch Albom, while Beach Road by James Patterson took the number two spot.
From the KLIATT review of the hardcover book, March 2006: "Irene is a highly creative, intelligent 14-year-old who is stuck with a babysitting job during a summer she wishes could be 'epic.
The 238-page hardcover book also includes many sample forms and checklists that real estate managers can reproduce and use right away to survey their buildings' vulnerability to crime and design an appropriate security program for each asset they manage.
This small hardcover book packs a great amount of information into pages crammed with words and images.
Published in 2011 by Un-Gyve Press the 218 page hardcover book Twosomes features 202 plates, 101 image pairs representing forty years of photography by Mark Chester.
The 190-page hardcover book is available for a cost of $34.
Synopsis: The hardcover book provides a solid understanding of risk management principles and describes current insurance principles, contracts and practices.