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(computer science) matter that is held in a computer and is typed or printed on paper

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netLibrary is converting hard-copy books to a proprietary electronic format, storing them on netLibrary servers, and then converting them to HTML as users request them.
While too many funding authorities are finding it increasingly difficult to believe that hard-copy collections are still growing, in this age of high speed data, librarians still find ways to relegate microforms and microcomputers to small enclosed rooms in dreary basements or other dismal places.
Traditionally, Bowne would sign off on the final, hard-copy document, which was often typeset or word-processed for readability.
Scott Swidersky, director, Information Systems Division, Quality Associates, said, "We are excited that the Academy for Educational Development has chosen Quality Associates to scan and convert its hard-copy documentation.
Original hard-copy records may be converted to alternative storage media such as microfilm, microfiche or various "storage-only imaging systems," provided that certain standards regarding access, readability, and integrity are met.
In October 1995, Part I of this article examined the benefits of CD-ROM tax research versus hard-copy research and discussed planning a research strategy, selecting the appropriate database(s), search terms and connectors, and constructing keyword search terms.
A verified color-accurate proof can then be generated on a supported device at any remote site, giving agency users the flexibility to generate hardcopy proofs for client approval or agency reference, and providing publishers with an added level of quality assurance to support digital ad delivery while eliminating the need for advertisers to send a hard-copy proof with the file.
Both the hard-copy and downloadable versions of the Vineyard Directory offer detailed information about Climate and Soils, Acreage by Varietal, Allocation by Variety, Vineyard Map, Varietals Cross-Referenced with Wineries and other data helpful to Paso Robles Wine Country vintners, growers and those who are interested in purchasing fruit or bulk wine from the area.
The Kodak Polychrome Graphics Matchprint Virtual Proofing System combines the workflow advantages of soft and remote proofing with the color accuracy and communication advantages of hard-copy proofs.
Beach" for his reviews of the country's best beaches, Leatherman says that along with offering storm-mitigation advice to South Floridians with the hard-copy version, the students are providing crucial information to some 44 million people along coastal areas in other parts of the country through the Get Ready website http://www.
Canon's new imageWARE Publishing Manager is a user-friendly, cost-effective desktop publishing tool that allows users to merge different file types, easily manipulate and combine multiple hard-copy and digital documents, quickly edit page layouts, assign advanced finishing options to documents and print small quantity jobs in-house -- all from their desktops.
Seiko Instruments Micro Printer Division has teamed with the country's leading voting machine manufacturers to deploy high-tech systems nationwide that accurately tabulate votes, eliminate ballot tallying disputes, and provide hard-copy verification of results for both candidates and election officials.
A versatile document management solution that provides fast, business-class color, high-quality monochrome laser printing and complete multifunction performance -- including digital color and monochrome copying, hard-copy color scanning, optional faxing and optional finishing -- the Lanier 2138CMF will be available immediately.