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As a result, they would be able to save substantial dollars because a virtualized server environment would enable them to increase their "on-demand" CPU and memory resources without having to spend additional hard dollars.
Hard Dollar Corporation, a provider of Complete Operations Management Software for Construction Teams, today announced Constructech magazines honoring of Blois Construction, Inc.
but to secure cooperation and funding from building owners, it's essential to convert those matters into hard dollars and cents.
In hard dollars, it is the jobs it creates for the ceremony itself, plus all the restaurants and catering for the parties, not to mention the limousines and communications dollars that are spent.
Commission recapture savings represent hard dollars that have gone back to our clients' funds," said Quinn Zimmerman, global head of commission management at Russell.
Maybe the city is being more cautious about making the drop in actuals, because they are hard dollars.
By outsourcing to M5 instead of buying another phone system and signing more local and long distance contracts, businesses save valuable time and hard dollars.
Under the terms of the non-exclusive agreement, Vibrant and Ericsson will begin joint sales and marketing efforts immediately to offer service and content providers powerful solutions to improve operational efficiency and add hard dollars to the bottom line.
By utilizing our Argis product suite, customers will be able to build powerful IT asset management programs that will save significant hard dollars from their IT budgets, provide the technical agility that is necessary to better manage their businesses and further leverage their Unicenter investments.