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(computer science) a circuit or chip that translates commands into a form that can control a hard disk drive

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With that, he turned off the power, removed both the floppy and the hard disk controller cards, and replaced them with a single controller card to which he attached the two hard drive cables and a single floppy drive cable.
Working with Agere's hard disk controller, the motor controller offers advanced emergency retract functions that quickly "park" the drive's heads upon sensing physical shock or a loss of power in the drive.
6 Gigabit-per-second (Gbit/s) read channel core, a 3 Gbit/s Native Serial ATA (S-ATA(TM)) interface, a 16-bit microcontroller, a hard disk controller, embedded memory and a quality monitoring system.
The combination of these capabilities combined with our advanced hard disk controller technology, and manufacturing knowledge positions Fujitsu for continued leadership in advanced storage applications.
The 2 Gigabit-per-second M9600 Read Channel complements Infineon's portfolio of power and hard disk controller ICs for disk drives and is suitable for future generation System-on-Chip drive controllers.
We feel confident that Fujitsu's superior technology and engineering talent combined with QLogic's leading Ultra320 hard disk controller solutions will ensure Fujitsu's early leadership in this exciting new area of the enterprise hard disk drive.
This PC OEM qualification status signifies that after over one year in development, the 88i4300's Ultra ATA/100-compliant hard disk controller (HDC) is mature and can be successfully used as a key building block in future Marvell SOC developments.
System-on-Chip includes Super10 DSP-enhanced microcontroller core, hard disk controller, 4Mbit embedded DRAM and interfaces; ST to supply
Marvell's SOC platform allows for the integration of the read channel, hard disk controller, microprocessor, Error Correction Code (ECC), high speed interface I/Os, and system memory functions on to a single piece of silicon.