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a currency that is not likely to depreciate suddenly in value

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He all hard currencies received from export would be re-injected to commercial banks to help in import through private sector.
A top official with Japan's central bank has said that digital currencies will take time to topple hard currencies, especially in nations where the financial infrastructure is well established, according to Reuters.
The purchased quantities of hard currencies grew by 12.
Over the past decade, Iran's Central Bank, which channels more than 90 per cent of hard currency into the local market, has employed a managed float system to support a single rate against hard currencies, notably the US Dollar.
Investors are looking to gain exposure to sound hard currencies - not as a speculative play, but as a way to further diversify their holdings.
Another way to limit financial risk in joint ventures is to retain a portion of hard currencies in foreign banks.
The dinar, unlike the ruble and other Eastern European currencies, is convertible to hard currencies.
Merk Investments today announced the launch of the Merk Hard Currency Fund(TM), a mutual fund that invests in a basket of hard currencies assembled to protect against the fall of the dollar.
Khartoum, 20 Nov (SUNA) - The Government on Monday warned that legal measures and direct charges of sabotage of national economy, terrorism funding, and money laundry would be taken against those involved in hard currencies black market, no matter what their positions.
The source said that the arrests that took place during the last two days were carried out by the National Intelligence and Security Forces (NISS) whose agents also confiscated all the hard currencies found in the possession of the detainees.