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egg cooked briefly in the shell in gently boiling water

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Lunch: Cold cuts of meat (eg chicken) and brown rice salad Dinner: Steak and a selection of vegetables Snacks (if needed): Natural live yoghurt, vegetable crudits, hard-boiled eggs, extra meat or fish DAY FOUR Breakfast: Brown rice cereal (100g) Lunch: Chef's salad (a bed of salad with hard boiled eggs and cold cuts of meat); natural live yoghurt
Waitrose got 10,000 [pounds sterling] towards developing and promoting a British alternative to French free range chicken, while Deans Foods received 16,000 [pounds sterling] towards introducing ready shelled hard boiled eggs to the UK.
Lamb biryani Serves six Ingredients 500g (1lb) lean minced lamb 500g (1lb) basmati rice (uncooked weight) one onion, chopped one clove garlic, crushed one carrot, chopped small piece fresh root ginger, peeled and chopped three hard boiled eggs half a teaspoon cumin powder, plus extra for egg half a teaspoon ground coriander, plus extra for egg two whole bay leaves one cinnamon stick three cardamom pods four or five whole green chillies or less, according to taste, de-seeded and chopped two tablespoons ghee or sunflower oil plus one teaspoon oil salt to taste 900ml (one and a half pints) water Method Heat two tablespoons of oil in a pan and saute, onion, lamb, garlic and spices for five to six minutes.
Put into a serving dish and garnish with sliced hard boiled eggs.
Complemented with a fresh spinach salad tossed with warm bacon dressing and then topped with diced hard boiled eggs, caramelized onions and shaved Parmesan cheese.
ON a short walk on Easter Sunday, I was astounded to find the smashed and grubby remains of dozens of hard boiled eggs littering a local park.
ON Easter Sunday, I was astounded to find the smashed remains of dozens of hard boiled eggs littering a local park.
The young people helped children decorate hard boiled eggs.
This was followed by "broolin" of eggs, with more than 60 children rolling their hard boiled eggs down the park's grassy hillside.
Hard boiled eggs will be available during the afternoon, when youngsters can pop in with their parents and pick up a paintbrush.
Well, one day when I really wanted hard boiled eggs for a potato salad, I poached them
One tradition your kids may be counting on this year is the annual hard boiled eggs decorating extravaganza.
Hard boiled eggs are rolled down slopes traditionally, although these days people prefer to go down the American route of `egg-hunting'.
Deviled eggs: Peel 6 hard boiled eggs and cut each in half, lengthwise.
Hard boiled eggs, a banana, or an energy bar are other good choices for on the go travelers.