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getting two things to correspond

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Hard balancing refers to strategies by smaller states "to build and update their military capabilities, as well as create and maintain formal [and informal] alliances and counter-alliances" to match the capabilities of the stronger power.
It was hard balancing being a mum and studying but it is very rewarding.
Charley works extremely hard balancing his commitment to his school work and his tennis.
Venues like The Panoramic have a hard balancing act: no-one wants food that's so fancy it will distract them from what they've come to watch; on the other hand, if punters wanted something as basic as a sarnie, they'd have filled up at one of the stands outside.
Atlantic] Related: The New Anti-Semitism [Tablet Magazine] For Imam In Muslim Center Furor, a Hard Balancing Act [NYT]
It is a hard balancing act, with schools under increasing pressure to perform well in league tables which parents, and the Government, see as vital guides to how well schools and colleges are performing.
A: IT IS such a hard balancing act between your aspirations for your child-knowing how tough and competitive the real world can be - and protecting and nurturing their learning, development and self esteem.
The In and Out doors at Donnybrook have been well used over the summer, and even Cheika admitted: "It's a hard balancing act.