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small spotted seal of coastal waters of the northern hemisphere

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Mass mortality in harbor seals and harbor porpoises caused by an unknown pathogen.
00166-12) "Emergence of Fatal Avian Influenza in New England Harbor Seals.
One of the first questions they examined was whether seals were being displaced from optimal foraging habitat by cruise ships, which had increased well over 30 percent during the period that harbor seals had declined by 70 percent.
Many studies have shown that exposure to these complex mixtures of POPs can lead to developmental abnormalities, reproductive impairment, endocrine disruption, and immunosuppression in harbor seals (Brouwer et al.
The harbor seal population crashed in the late 1970s.
Four pinniped species occur in New England: harbor seals, gray seals, harp seals, and, occasionally, hooded seals.
Pacific harbor seals total approximately 300,000, with 250,000 of these in Alaskan waters.
The mascots of the 2014 Incheon Asian Games -- three brindled brothers and sisters of harbor seals with the names "Vichuon, Barame, and Chumuro" -- put Asia in the spotlight.
This exceptional experience includes an interactive educational segment and a 20 minute swim with Harbor Seals.
Rockfish, a depressed fish stock currently in need of population recovery, composed one of the minor prey groups consumed by harbor seals (84 [[+ or -]26 SD] t in the nonbreeding season).
In marine mammals, several subtypes of avian influenza A virus have caused epidemics in harbor seals (Phoca vitulina) (3-6).
It is the only site in the state where harbor seals, Northern elephant seals, steller sea lions and California sea lions can be seen in one place.
It's an ER for rescued elephant seals, harbor seals, and sea lions.
Harbor seals weigh about as much as the typical blind date, but at about two tons or so, the ocean sunfish is pretty hard to avoid.
Results from a second study showed that PBDE levels in San Francisco Bay harbor seals had been doubling every two years and had increased 100-fold over the past decade (Figure 2B) (10).