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Synonyms for seppuku

ritual suicide by self-disembowelment on a sword

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This was BBC Wales committing hara kiri on the pages of Wales' national newspaper, publicly disembowelling what had been by far the country's most successful news magazine.
Instead of impaling himself on a knife strapped to his hi-tech exercise bike, Drew has to put the hara kiri on hold to fly to Kentucky to retrieve the body of Mitch from the embrace of the eccentric relatives he was visiting.
Forget Artim Sakiri, Seaman must feel like committing hara kiri.
Then the driver's son tackled Boyle on Twitter on his dad's behalf, telling him: "My dad says, next time you want commit hara kiri on Dumbarton Road, get someone else to pick up your daughter
Previous generations had the stay-at-home-for-five-yearswith-the-kids option without feeling they were letting the sisterhood down and committing career hara kiri.
The other side is, of course, that we know yo-yo dieting is the equivalent of committing hara kiri in weight loss terms.
The talk of hara kiri had our suspended striker Ross Donaldson salivating in the stand - he put in an order, thinking we were planning a takeaway.