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Synonyms for ha-ha

words or actions intended to excite laughter or amusement

Synonyms for ha-ha

a loud laugh that sounds like a horse neighing

a ditch with one side being a retaining wall

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In another similar instance, he had come down hard on his enthusiastic campaigners for coining the phrase, " Har Har Modi, ghar ghar Modi ", which in its original form is a chant praising Lord Shiva.
THE Railways team would form a huddle after the fall of every Mumbai wicket and resonated the Karnail Singh Stadium with its cry of ' Har Har Mahadev '.
There are sight gags - Hal can't help marveling at Rosemary's amazingly expanding wardrobe, har har - and the predictable helping of tasteless Farrelly humor.
Holding portraits of prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi, bursting crackers and wearing BJP's saffron-coloured caps, the crowd raised slogans of Har Har Modi and Bharat Mata ki jai.
No har har for Jar Jar; Binks stinks, movie fans say