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a protein in plasma that binds free hemoglobin and removes it (as from wounds)

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The Fibrin Microbead technology developed at Hapto Biotech, Israel, Ortec's wholly owned subsidiary, is a proprietary matrix for the isolation, expansion and differentiation of matrix-dependent cells including Mesenchymal- type adult stems cells and their potential reimplantation into the patient.
In 2006 Ortec acquired Hapto, an Israeli biotechnology firm which has two fibrin-derived advanced biomaterial technologies, Fibrin MicroBeads (FMB) and Haptides[TM].
Through its recent merger with Hapto Biotech, Ortec acquired two fibrin derived advanced biomaterial technologies, Fibrin Micro Beads (FMB's) and Haptides(TM).
HAPTO Biotech is positioning itself to become a leading technology provider in the field of tissue engineering through the development of fibrin derived platform technologies.
BULLETIN BOARD: ORTN) , a company focused on development and commercialization of tissue-engineered therapeutic products, today announced that all the requirements necessary to effectuate the merger of Hapto Biotech, Inc.
ORTN) announced today it has formed a joint venture partnership with Hapto Biotech Inc.