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a computer display that enables the user to interact with the computer by touching areas on the screen

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Many introduce unwanted damping or inertia at the haptic interface, which is a real detriment to the realism of the simulation.
Key words: Haptic Interface, shape, texture, roughness, exploration, control, constrained motion, free motion
Haptic Interfaces, being developed as commercial devices, include:
With this new haptic interface, we feel we are providing a solution which will lead to new and exciting capabilities from the surgery room to space.
Luckily, a device called the Phantom Haptic Interface invented by SenSable Technologies of Cambridge, Massachusetts, will give you the odd sensation of touching something you can see but can't actually touch.
The PHANToM Haptic Interface makes it possible for users to touch and manipulate virtual objects.
A haptic interface allows a user to interact with a computer by receiving tactile feedback.
Immersion has developed a haptic interface to be used as an integral part of Nissan's new Human Machine Interface (HMI).
With experienced engineering capabilities, an extensive worldwide sales team and established production and supply channels, ALPS can accelerate the adoption of haptic interface products within the automotive market.
6,448,977 titled, "Textures and other spatial sensations for a relative haptic interface device.
The components used in virtual reality system are tracker, sensor, auditory interface, haptic interface, and 2D & 3D simulation software.
With a haptic interface, designers feel like they are sculpting clay by hand, albeit virtual clay.
Another recent use of haptic interface technology is virtual reality simulations as a way to promote explorations of unfamiliar territory for people with a variety of disabilities, including sensory impairments.
AIST is bringing the feeling of reality into Virtual reality with its haptic interface that pushes, and pulls the user.
A haptic interface is a computer device that enables its user to interact with a software application or with a virtual object through the sense of touch.