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of or relating to or proceeding from the sense of touch

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High-Fidelity Haptic Feedback, Combined with Capacitive Touch and Low-Cost TFT LCD Controllers, Enable Design Innovation for Consumer, Medical, and Building Automation Applications
Its stellar team of high-tech talent has built iMotion - a 3D motion controller with haptic feedback.
Test study at University of Kassel shows clear advantages of a touchpad with active haptic feedback
Haptic feedback is emerging as an important factor for automotive and entertainment applications said Jim Dick, Johnson Electric s senior vice president of Strategic Marketing.
TouchSense will provide haptic feedback in the cockpit/console from which surgeons control and manipulate the system, engaging the sense of touch to assist in device navigation and laparoscopic procedures.
The inclusion of haptic feedback tech within future iPhone would be a positive for haptic IP developer Immersion (IMMR).
Immersion's most recent additions to its patent portfolio are directed at improving and broadening the control of haptic feedback for a variety of touch screen devices and enabling next generation haptic experiences for consumers.
Using ViviTouch's revolutionary haptic feedback technology, Sinister offers gamers a truly sensational gaming experience unlike anything they have ever felt before.
While HD television and surround sound are quite common nowadays, there was little technical progress with regard to haptic feedback over the past 15 years.
Reverb Module: For applications not optimized for haptics by developers using the MOTIV SDK, OEMs can install the Reverb Module, which automatically incorporates haptic feedback into applications by translating audio data into effects.
Lux Research analysts evaluated the haptic feedback technologies driving the proliferation of touch-enabled devices and their emerging applications.
Not all handsets are created equal; they utilize different underlying actuator technology and control software to create haptic feedback.
Capacitive touchscreens and haptic feedback may not be words used every day by consumers and drivers alike.