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of or relating to or proceeding from the sense of touch

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The proprietary time delay compensation technology (TiDeC(TM)) from Handshake has been recognized by industry as the only commercially available technology that allows haptic devices to function effectively over a network since it overcomes otherwise fatal network latency.
The haptic device provides six degrees of freedom motion and five degrees of freedom force/torque feedback, making it an ideal tool to practice surgical simulations and other techniques.
In other words, we confirmed that they were able to follow the coastlines, move over the surface of the sea, and locate seamarks with the stylus of the haptic device.
is a leading developer of volumetric CAD/CAM solutions, and the inventor of Phantom([R]) force-feedback haptic devices that simulate the physical sensation of touch in the virtual world.
This interactive virtual tennis system utilizes an ungrounded haptic device to render the ball impact accelerations and torques experienced in real tennis.
The researchers wanted to test the utility of these haptic devices in physical rehabilitation.
The instrumentation included three components: a graphics computer to provide three dimensional graphics, microsurgical instruments attached to haptic devices to provide tactile feedback to the surgeon's hands, and a personal computer to control the haptic devices.
provider of 3D modeling solutions, haptic devices and dental restoration design and fabrication solutions, announced that it has added two seasoned executives to its management team to significantly accelerate the company's presence in the dental lab market and to drive the growth of its core businesses.
New Devices and Features Demonstrate Breadth of Offering and Ease of Programming Made Possible by SensAble's PHANTOM[R] Force-Feedback Haptic Devices
SimQuest developed three important elements of the open-incision surgical simulation platform with funding from the National Institute of Standards and Technology Advanced Technology Program (NIST ATP) including simulation that allows for physically precise real-time behavior of tissue; the Open Surgery Haptic Device, a seven degree-of-freedom (7DOF) haptics interface; and a tool chain similar to those used in computer games, which enables surgical simulation training case scenarios and other content to be created by teachers and trainers.
WHAT: Sensable Haptic Device Customer Application Demonstrations
The ground-breaking haptic device, which is essentially a small robot, generated tremendous buzz at this year's Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), winning the IGN Best of E3: Gear Award, in a category that included the Nintendo Wii remote and two Sony PlayStation controllers.
Debuting in 2007 in the video game market, the ground-breaking haptic device, which is essentially a small robot, lets users feel weight, shape, texture, dimension, 3D motion, and force effects when playing enabled games.
For the OT application, the stylus of the PHANTOM haptic device is used as the input device.
A researcher also can slip on a so-called haptic device, in this case a glove with which one person can "touch" the casing at different locations and feel its vibrations.