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the time of day when a bar sells alcoholic drinks at a reduced price

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Then did ye haunt me with foul phantoms; ah, whither hath that happy hour now fled!
Many a happy hour she had spent planning for something nice for him.
The man had not known one happy hour since he had left the children in the forest; the woman, however, was dead.
Little they cared what anybody thought, for they were enjoying the happy hour that seldom comes but once in any life, the magical moment which bestows youth on the old, beauty on the plain, wealth on the poor, and gives human hearts a foretaste of heaven.
com)-- The Just Happy Hours app for iOS and Android is seeking seed investors at https://www.
Bentley Kitchen will also host two of the capital's most affordable happy hours.
right when happy hours are kicking off around downtown--is one of the i-Ride's busiest times.
India, July 14 -- Airtel has launched Happy Hours for pre-paid customers.
Here's our pick of the happiest and most happening Happy Hours in the city
Happy Hours were next most effect, followed by pricing and custom promotions and point-of-sale materials.
WORCESTER - Restaurant proprietor Brendan O'Connor told three members of the state's Alcoholic Beverages Control Commission at a recent public hearing that nothing good has ever come out of happy hours.
Two studies found that alcohol consumption doubled during happy hours.
The event was titled MiD DAY Happy Hours @ Home and was sponsored by Foster's Art of Chilling.
Summary: Pure Football Lounge launches 11 June FIFA World Cup matches, live DJs, happy hours and much more
Since 1985, happy hours could be advertised only inside a bar or restaurant, although no one at the Oregon Liquor Control Commission could explain the rationale behind the rule.