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a representation of a facial expression (as a smile or frown) created by typing a sequence of characters in sending email

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March said, with a particularly happy face, "I've got a treat for you after supper.
Fortunately for Polly, she forgot all about them in her enjoyment of the fine music, which she felt rather than understood, and sat listening with such a happy face, that several true music-lovers watched her smilingly, for her heart gave a blithe welcome to the melody which put the little instrument in tune.
She is mine," I replied, though what force it was that impelled me to say it I could not have told; but an instant later I was glad that I had spoken the words, for the reward of Ajor's proud and happy face was reward indeed.
The happy faces Arthur saw greeting him were not pale abstractions, but real ruddy faces, long familiar to him: Martin Poyser was there--the whole Poyser family.
Rushworth and Maria, who were partners for the second time, "we shall see some happy faces again now.
And the benevolent clergyman looked pleasantly on; for the happy faces which surrounded the table made the good old man feel happy too; and though the merriment was rather boisterous, still it came from the heart and not from the lips; and this is the right sort of merriment, after all.
While she sewed they played around her; such a group of happy faces and dancing limbs lit up by that romantic fire.
Now, which is better, to till God's earth, to have happy faces round one's knee, and to love and be loved, or to sit forever moaning over one's own soul, like a mother over a sick babe?
replied Tilly, "although I certainly am more partial to happy faces than to gloomy ones.
Instead of discontent being a common feeling, it would be difficult in Europe to pick out of a crowd half so many merry and happy faces.
The project is being built on a 10-acre site with hundreds of acres to the north, including Happy Face Hill, preserved for open space.
Neither infant girls nor boys link happy faces with snakes and spiders, reports study author David Rakison of Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh in an upcoming Evolution & Human Behavior.
To see Mahad Omar's happy face and to read about him (Echo, July 8) is an example to us all.
Now, when I get off the train in the morning, I see a nice, smiling, happy face and, when the next delays occur, I know there will be someone there to ask what is going on.