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Europeans want happy cows and we hope they get their wish and that the EU Commission recognises the need to ensure a minimum standard for dairy cow farming across Europe.
Pictures of happy cows, grazing in huge, lush pastures are presented as ideals.
In Norway happy cows were proven to be more productive.
Similarly, I do not enjoy buying basic foods, but I have been known to treat myself to fancy butter guaranteed to come from happy cows enjoying lush grass in a rural idyll.
California may have Happy Cows, but our cows are not only happy--but comfy.
George Belch, a professor of marketing at San Diego State University, wrote about the happy cows commercials in his textbook ``Advertising and Promotion'' and said the ads produced by the Deutsch Inc.
Strolling out across the field, they certainly seem happy cows.
Reynolds was commenting on a lawsuit filed by the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, which alleges that California Milk Advisory Board ads showing happy cows in bucolic settings misrepresent dairy cows' poor living conditions.
While the Happy Cows "Auditions" ad campaign continues to be our primary tool in driving awareness and purchase intent, these documentaries allow us to tell a deeper story and engage consumers in a way no 30-second ad could.
Altogether, these steps ensure that Greenfields cows are happy cows and produce more than 27 million litres of quality milk a year.
It's vitally important that we provide the best conditions and environment for our herd and this ensures they produce the best milk possible and are happy cows," said Rob.
Healthy cows are happy cows and we showed this by winning the Monmouthshire Herds herd health and fertility competition last year.
Caring dairy is a great programme, it's a great commitment; happy cows make happy milk--it's fairly simple," joint founder Jerry Greenfield told The Grocer.
I agree with PETA for taking on the happy cows ads.
visit the cartoon site to see happy cows learning to dance.