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(genetics) a combination of alleles (for different genes) that are located closely together on the same chromosome and that tend to be inherited together

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In a sensitivity analysis we randomly excluded one in each pair of second-degree relatives and estimated associations between arsenic metabolites and N6AMT1 SNPs and haplotypes, but results were similar to those reported (data not shown).
Rams that have two copies of haplotypes 2 or 3 clearly carry the most risk," Heaton says.
Theoretically, the fetal genomic map of such regions could be resolved if the haplotypes of both the father and the mother were known.
Objective: The aim of this study was to investigate the endothelial protein C receptor (EPCR) gene A3 haplotype and plasma soluble EPCR (sEPCR) levels in Turkish pediatric arterial stroke patients.
subreflexipinna, genetic variation among different individuals and/or populations directly came from different haplotypes of A.
clamitans haplotypes and is present in ten GVSU Campus frogs and one Bass River frog.
From 63 scat samples and two muscle tissue samples, 57 D-loop region DNA sequences were obtained, which provided 33 different coyote-type haplotypes (accession numbers EU400544-EU400576).
For the comparison of carriage rate of VDR haplotypes, the reference, homozygote and heterozygote groups for VDR alleles were made.
The increased risk for the disease appears to be caused by certain haplotypes of the SORL1 gene that decrease the expression of the gene.
To analyze the association between HBV chronicity and human leukocyte antigen alleles and haplotypes of 636 organ donors and recipients.
The prototype, which integrates reagents and processing units into a single chip, can identify SNP haplotypes with high precision.
Variations in VKORC1 gene haplotypes eventually may be used to determine whether patients should receive low, intermediate, or high doses of warfarin, reported Mark J.
Genaissance has patent applications pending that cover other methods within the DecoGen(R) Informatics System, including Genaissance's HAP(TM) Builder software, which builds haplotypes with high accuracy from genotypes for multiple single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) in a gene.