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a word with a special meaning used for a special occasion


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From the late '60s to the early '80s, Frampton created a series of films--Lemon (1969), Zorns Lemma (1970), the seven films that make up Hapax Legomena (1971-72), and the roughly two dozen works conceived as parts of his unfinished Magellan project, including Magellan at the Gates of Death (1976), Otherwise Unexplained Fires (1976), and Gloria
Stallings organizes the poems of Hapax to suggest an autobiographical direction, beginning with childhood and its losses, considering the trials of youth, and arriving at the threshold of adulthood, especially motherhood.
Table 6), thus giving rise to a larger number of hapax legomena or rare types in our corpus.
But precisely because Mens-[Greek Text Omitted] is a hapax, her name, outlook, and function could not simply have been taken for granted - neither by the inventor of the concetto, in this case Cyriacus of Ancona, nor by the public.
Actually, the Song itself is a kind of hapax, for it is the only example of secular love poetry from ancient Israel that has survived.
43-5 with introduction and concluding wish for divine good will, [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII], hapax.
The noun "[TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]" is a hapax legomenon, occurring only in Job 21:24 as the plural-suffixed 3rd masculine "[TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]" The Bible usually uses "[TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]" for "breasts" (23 times) and "[TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]" for "nipple.
46) Rare words and syntax add spice to the satire: teqhpa is found only in poetry, Ionian and late prose; rugcelefanta is a hapax legomenon; litraioi~ occurs only here and in Galen (13.
At any rate, the central point at issue between Hefting and myself seems to be over my efforts to redeem what he calls a hapax legomenon in Lonergan, namely, the so-called four-point hypothesis proposed in chapter 6 of The Triune God: Systematics.
In so doing he tangentially elaborated his antisublime theory of the beauty of cinematic ephemera and articulated his autobiography as a filmmaker, as Hollis Frampton had done showing and talking about his still photographs in Hapax Legomena.
Words about words: hapax legomenon, metaphor, metaplasm, vulgat, hyperbole
It is interesting to note that the lexeme "rimembranza" is a hapax legomenon in the Canzoniere, appearing once only, in 67: 6.
2) Many of the names are hapax legomena and, as Ross points out (p.
While the root s-r-b is found in three other Quranic passages--sarab ("mirage") in 24:39 and 78:20, and sarib ("to go forth or away") in 13:10--sarab is a Quranic hapax legomenon, that is, it appears only once.
In her GCA, van Mal-Maeder (96) argues that the fact that a word is a hapax is not an obstacle, since Apuleius invents numerous words.