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a word with a special meaning used for a special occasion


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In his fear, the mild old Gobila offered extra human sacrifices to all the Evil Spirits that had taken possession of his white friends.
Dicho al modo de los linguistas: no solo es un oximoron sino tambien un hapax, un hapax legomenon, <<dicho una sola vez>> (17).
Fleishman also points out that the reference to Jerusalem's destruction as "consumed by fire" (a hapax legomenon) may be a purposeful way of telling the king that fire, sacred to Zoroastrians, had been wrongfully utilized, and hence the city's walls must be rebuilt.
Additionally, Ezekiel incorporated more than thirty hapax legomena in his work.
Stallings, Hapax (Evanston, IL: Northwestern University Press, 2006), pp.
The Comparative Power of Type/Token and Hapax Legomena/Type Ratios: A Corpus-based Study of Authorial Differentiation.
Neste estudo avaliaram-se os verbos, substantivos, hapax e as oito outras categorias gramaticais da lingua portuguesa.
Cet autre hapax se situe dans le cadre de l'analyse eudemienne de la temperance: en III, 2, 1230b35, Aristote affirme que les gens charmes par les Sirenes ne comptent pas parmi les intemperants.
Cada instante es un hapax, un suceso unico que sucede una vez en el tiempo.
Once again the pope is praised, this time by means of two Homeric references: in verse 49 Leo X is called [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII], which is a hapax in Homer.
Se pueden identificar tambien cuales palabras en un corpus son de frecuencia 1; a estas formas se les llama hapax legomena (palabras que ocurren solamente 1 vez en un texto).
273, nota 154, a proposito de Rom 8,17 se dice que el termino [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] (coherederos) "es hapax legoumena [sic] en el Nuevo Testamento".
que, al igual que en el caso depegoso, constituye un hapax de la documentacion aqui analizada: <<En el Hospital de San Andres tal vez aborda, si no pasa, el numero de setecientos enfermos, siendo proporcionalmente considerable el de los tabardillentos >> (Ciudad de Mexico, 01/02/1803).
Onions's interpretation of alod in line 56 as the adjective 'wasted, dissipated, destroyed' (deriving its meaning from ON afloga 'worn out, useless' and its form from ON afloa 'weatherworn, worn thin') (2) seems to have gained general acceptance, (3) despite the fact that the word thus glossed is a hapax legomenon, (4) and that it entails an awkward ellipsis of the relative pronoun (an "asyndetic relative clause") and "the northern syntax of is":
Amile Wilson, a producer and director with Hapax Creative, agrees.