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a county of southern England on the English Channel

British breed of hornless dark-faced domestic sheep

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In the third set South Hants picked up their game at the same time as TSW loosened their grip on South Hants which meant that eventually Team South Wales conceded the set 26-24.
Jones finished off by ousting James Tomlinson and Billy Taylor to leave Hants with a total which Worcestershire never had any trouble overtaking thanks to Solanki and Davies.
Taylor was arrested along with a 24-year-old woman from Gosport, Hants, on Wednesday, but was only charged by police last night.
In the days after the violence, most of the Native students at East Hants had returned to the school amid assurances that staff would be vigilant and intolerant of violence and racist behavior.
The dad-of-one, of Compton, Hants, resigned after the incident in 2013, when a formal probe began.
Sgt Louise Hubble, of Hants police, said: "Modern poachers work in gangs with 4x4s, dogs and guns.
Newham, 19, of Burnhouse Lane, Pilley, Hants, was sentenced to five years youth custody.
Cathy of Fawley, Hants was convicted of attempted murder and fraud last week.
Hundreds of deer, hares and rabbits have been killed in the New Forest, Hants, in recent months.
Doctors battled for 72 hours to save 17-year-old Kimberley O'Connor after she was admitted to Queen Alexandra Hospital, Cosham, Hants.
He is also wanted for questioning about the attempted murder of escort agency boss Anne Fidler, 43, in Eastleigh, Hants.
The mum of five, of Blackfield, Hants, was murdered after her ex-lover's son Ben Carr paid to have her killed over fears she would tell police he sexually assaulted girls, Winchester crown court heard.
Hants needed 109 to win and, following a dramatic bowling spell from Teessiders Davies and Liam Plunkett, the home team were reeling on 52-7 and Durham were on the verge of a famous victory.
Division One index - IG (60:40:30:25:20:15: 10:5:0): 42-45 Surrey, 39-42 Lancs, Yorks, 22-25 Leicester, 19-22 Somerset, 13-16 Kent, Durham, 6-8 Hants, 3-5 Derby.
The Commission is completing work on the interior of the Newport District Rink, which will serve over 40,000 residents from West Hants, East Hants and the Kings County areas.