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the capital of South Korea and the largest city of Asia

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Under the joint venture agreement, Christopher Hansung Ko, senior vice president of Samsung Strategic Business Development, has been appointed as CEO of Samsung Bioepis.
Hansung Airlines Co, Korea's first low-fare airline, said on Wednesday (23 March) it wants to fly to Japan, China, Taiwan and Southeast Asia in 2006.
Genius, Largan, Asia optical, MaxEmil, Kinko, Samsung, Sekonix, Olympus, Cowell, Kolen, Phenix, Omnivision, Agilent, Micron, ST, Maganchip, Samsung Electro-Mechanics, IC Media, Pixart, TASC, Elecvision, Lite-on, Transchip, Conexant, Toshiba, Sony, Galaxycore, Panasonic, Sharp, Sanyo, Mitsubishi, Fujifilm, Kyocera, LG Innoteck, TI, Qualcomm, Renesas, Vimicro, zoran, Sunplus, Sonix, Winbond, Nvidia, Mektec, MFG, CMI, YHI, MFS, Ichia, Primax, Premier Image, Chicony, Tekom, Altus, Sunyang, Alps, Pentax, Gistoptics, Hansung, Shanghai Paishier, Beijing Superpix, Lanzhou Xintai, Zhejiang Sunny, Hunan Unimodule, Kantatsu, Vtrek.
com, Hansung Technology (WHOTO), Internet Plaza, Jungbo-Net, Seoul Systems, Inc.
Hansung Comtech Corporation (Jong-Kwan Lim, President & CEO), a developer of next-generation telecommunications solutions, and Icitiro Corporation (Young Bok Kim, President & CEO), a leading provider of cyber residential apartment complex solutions and services, today signed a memorandum of understanding allowing for the development and deployment of fully integrated telecommunications gateway solutions for large residential apartment complexes to be constructed in Korea.