Hansen's disease

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chronic granulomatous communicable disease occurring in tropical and subtropical regions

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Residents with Hansen's disease are granted an exemption on the first $50,000 of real property's value from taxation.
US Department of Health and Human Services Health Resources and Services Administration National Hansen's Disease Program.
Based on this observation it was found that among the different types of Hansen's disease, the type which showed maximum discordance was HD-BL and Histoid leprosy followed by HD-LL.
says Richard Truman, a microbiologist at the National Hansen's Disease Program in Baton Rouge, La.
The World Health Organization (WHO) Hansen's Disease disability grading system describes, for the hands and feet, Grade 1 disability as having anaesthesia with no visible deformity or damage; the determination for Grade 2 disability is based on having visible deformity or damage.
Hereby, we report a case of severe, life threatening DHS in a 14-year-old female patient suffering from Hansen's disease which was managed successfully with oral corticosteroids.
Hansen's disease (HD), or leprosy, is a reportable disease that can cause significant disability if not diagnosed and treated.
Fuddy served as the mayor of Kalawao County on Molokai--where there is still a small population living at the site of the original colony for people with Hansen's disease.
Hansen's disease type 2 reaction, aphthous ulcers in AIDS, lupus erythematosus, graft versus host disease and multiple myeloma) was not allowed in 2001, one patient with renal cancer and another with prostate cancer received the drug.
In this painting, Father Damien reaches out and clasps one of many hands, symbolized by handprints, coming from the ocean in memory of the many Hawaiian victims of Hansen's disease who were thrown into the ocean to drown.
They met before he fell ill of Hansen's Disease himself, and she took care of him until he died.
Religious missionaries first mentioned seeing "remediless and disgusting cases" of leprosy, or Hansen's disease, in the Hawaiian Islands around 1823.
1) Unfortunately it appears that the author misinterpreted a statement concerning leprosy made by Sharon Lerner in a 2003 issue of The New York Times, which states: "While there were some 900 recorded cases in the United States 40 years ago, today more than 7,000 people have leprosy, or Hansen's disease, as it is now called.
Leprosy, also called Hansen's disease, in humans in the U.
In 2010, there were 26 new cases of Hansen's Disease (also known as leprosy) in Texas.