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the official published verbatim report of the proceedings of a parliamentary body

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I think that local labour market conditions can also really affect how Hansards are staffed.
While there are some variations, most of the Hansards adhere to the same policy which was drawn from the mother of all parliaments, Westminster.
The Clerk explained the situation so there was some cross-pollination across Canada and that helped to ensure that the various Hansards and Clerks were briefed and better understood the issue.
CPR: I'm sure some outsiders think of Hansard as a verbatim record of parliamentary debates, but there's a lot more to it than that.
Evidence uncovered from hansards revealed that the discussion on sexual offences (incest, defilement and rape) involving women as well as children were mainly raised by women Members of Parliament not only as issues challenging morality in society but they said these were acts of violation of women's rights.
No action on such cases was a problem and placed good people who could do nothing to handle the situation in a vulnerable position, women MPs said as it was revealed in the hansards surveyed.
Views contained in hansards showed that submissions by different members of parliament over the matter were controversial.
The views of MPs expressed in hansards revealed that these laws were put together during the colonial period in a bid to cater for the religious and cultural beliefs of all the people represented at the time and that they needed to be updated to incorporate modern challenges of the day.
The kinds of questions that law librarians get that require researching legislative intent include: Can I have the Hansard and committee debate on this bill and the predecessor bills?
Discovering the intent of a legislature involves piecing together how the legislation evolved over time, if and how the enactment changed, and what legislators said about this change in Hansard and committee.
Still, even in that context we may be able to point clients in the right direction by providing bill reading dates and Hansard materials without any analysis of a particular phrase.
When Thomas Hansard took over the publication, the debates became known colloquially as Hansard--a name that has persisted even after the Commons assumed responsibility and renamed the publication the 'Official Report'.
In the winter of 2010, and resuming again in late May, Hansard continued with its fourth project, the digitizing of reel-to-reel tapes, and the transcription of them.
Hansard Manager, Jeff Bursey, will publish his first book, a satire, entitled Verbatim: A Novel, this fall from the Manitoban firm of Enfield & Wizenty.
From August 16-20, 2010, Prince Edward Island will host the Hansard Association of Canada conference.