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German physicist who developed the Geiger counter (1882-1945)


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Nucleus detected When Hans Geiger and Ernest Marsden fired alpha particles at a thin gold foil, most passed straight through, deflected only slightly by positive electrical charge in the gold atoms.
The new Executive Board will also comprise the heads of the business units: Paul Meier for Credit Suisse Volksbank; Klaus Jenny for Credit Suisse Private Banking; Phillip Colebatch for Credit Suisse Asset Management and also as interim Group Chief Financial Officer; Hans-Ulrich Doerig as Chief Executive Officer, Allen Wheat as Chief Operating Officer, and Oswald Grubel as Global Head of Trading for Credit Suisse First Boston; as well as Hans Geiger as Chief Information Officer.
So, for example, Hans Geiger can be spelled out using some of the letters of George Washington.
Professor Hans Geiger of the Institut fur Schweizerisches Bankwesen (Swiss Banking Institute) at the University of Zurich talks about what's fact and what's fiction when it comes to banking secrecy.
According to Hans Geiger, Member of the Executive Board of Credit Suisse, the bank's shared logistics infrastructure allows them both to benefit from low-cost processing operations.