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German chemist noted for his synthesis of hemin (1881-1945)


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Hans Fischer, the undisputed king of porphyrin chemistry, recognised the value of dipirrylmethanes, but with one exception was unable to utilise them.
The Superdock has its roots in the PIPE (named because of its shape) Airport System (PAS), which was devised by Hans Fischer in 1974.
Basing himself on several periods of field research over a period of more than forty years, the editor, Hans Fischer aims to portray Wampar culture both in terms of processes of historical change and in relation to the 'outside world'.
For ten years the German chemist Hans Fischer (1881-1945) had been puzzling out the structure of heme, the complex molecular group that joined with protein to form hemoglobin.
Tata Steel UK has already received interest from several bidders for Speciality Steels and the pipe mills in each case and a formal process will be co Hans Fischer, Chief Executive Officer of Tata Steel Europe, commented: "This is a welcome development, not just for Tata Steel but also for the European steel sector more broadly.
The steel-maker's chief technical officer Hans Fischer will be appointed CEO from March 1, while group executive director Koushik Chatterjee will be Tata Steel's executive director for Europe on top of his current responsibilities.
Prof Lord Kumar Bhattacharyya, chairman of Warwick Manufacturing Group at the University of Warwick and Hans Fischer, chief technical officer of Tata Steel's European operation, opened the centre on Wednesday.