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a Danish author remembered for his fairy stories (1805-1875)


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Meanwhile, children can enjoy the messy slapstick of BBC's Bodger and Badger in Mad Mash 3 and enjoy the Hans Christian Anderson tale The Ugly Duckling.
IT'S a tale worthy of Hans Christian Anderson, Denmark's master storyteller.
My favourite performances were Hans Christian Anderson, You Must Be An Angel, which was created by a Danish company called Teatret Gruppe 38, and Berlin, 1961, an international co-production involving theatre makers from Germany, Norway and the UK.
A Trip To Storyland is filled with the sort of dreamlike characters you usually only nd in Hans Christian Anderson or the Brothers Grimm.
The play, inspired by the Hans Christian Anderson tale, "The Princess and the Pea," tells the story of Queen Aggravain who has decreed none may marry until her son, Prince Dauntless, marries.
This Holiday season guests can also enjoy fascinating tours, renowned Sunday Brunch and performances of The Fir Tree adapted from Hans Christian Anderson, for an additional fee.
The famous Hans Christian Anderson tale, which tells the story of how an ugly duckling grows into a beautiful swan, was adapted by writer Anthony Drewe and musician George Stiles.
One painting, called The Snow Queen Kidnaps Summer, was inspired by the Hans Christian Anderson tale and alludes to snowflakes and atomic particles.
I HAVE just read a fairy tale which is superior to those produced by the Brothers Grimm or Hans Christian Anderson.
It is a pose re-creating the famous Copenhagen statue which pays tribute to Hans Christian Anderson.
HANS Christian Anderson couldn't have penned a more fairytale 2001 for Ulster's number one pop heroes.
Her latest collection is a diligently annotated, lavishly illustrated edition of Hans Christian Anderson.
A feast of storytelling is lined up to celebrate the 200th birthday of Danish story teller Hans Christian Anderson.
2 /PRNewswire/ -- Tempest Productions is pleased to announce the world premiere of a new musical inspired by the Hans Christian Anderson tale of "The Little Match Girl.
The famous storyteller Hans Christian Anderson would learn from this saga in Cardiff council's history.