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Alsatian artist and poet who was cofounder of dadaism in Zurich


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These pavilions were made for collector Karl-Heinrich Muller, to display his eclectic art collection (including work by Yves Klein, Kurt Schwitters, and Hans Arp, as well as antique objects and sculpture) in the most unique of circumstances.
While in Bonn, he did some art criticism for a local paper and became friendly with August Macke and Hans Arp, two important artists of their day.
Skrlova's Let mouchy [Flight of the Fly] for cello and piano was too rhapsodic for my taste and structurally unbalanced, while Dvorakova's Nezeleny muz [Ungreen Man] for tenor and piano on a text by Hans Arp has a heavy-handed feel, despite the composer's declared efforts to play with it "in the spirit of a Dadaist vision".
Hans Arp shares the Dada faith in inspiration and accident.
The exhibition offered a broad spectrum of abstract works from Europe, the earliest made by Hans Arp in 1932, the most recent by Anselm Reyle, Frank Nitsche, and Eberhard Havekost and dated this year; almost half of the thirty-eight participating artists are German.