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any of the British rulers who were members of the House of Hanover

a member (or supporter) of the house of Hanover

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In an echo of the handful of Spartans who held out against thousands of Persians at the Battle of Thermopylae in 480BC, the heroic Hanoverians slowed the French long enough to stop them defeating Wellington's men before a Prussian force could provide vital back-up.
THE dressage season has got off to a flying start for Lesley Wheatley and her Hanoverian Captain Barbosa, with the pair qualifying for both the national and international five-year-old classes at Hickstead's Young Horse Championship.
There were 50 better claimants --all Catholic--but by and large the Hanoverians played their role well.
Their stables showcase a variety of champion Arabians, Hanoverians, and Warmbloods, boarded in both Wisconsin and Minnesota.
Black's Hanoverians is a part of a larger series on European dynasties by Hambledon.
The madness of George III needs little detailing, thanks to Alan Bennett's play which seized on a rare moment of excitement provided by the Hanoverians.
In London, the principles of Classical design promulgated by the 'old masters' were filtered mainly through Palladianism and two dynastic monarchies, the Stuarts and Hanoverians, who oversaw the urban transformation and expansion of medieval London.
Initially it was not popular in Scotland, and indeed the first half of the 18th century saw various attempts to overthrow the Hanoverians and restore the Scottish Stuarts to the British throne.
NADINE TETLEY led Hanoverians to victory in the Warwickshire Association's annual team tournament for non-County players.
When the work was done, Diana Caro, now 35, retired from the Los Angeles Police Department and started raising Hanoverians, a German breed of horse.
What undid her, remember, was the leaking of her cuddly, touchy-feely conversations with a beau to whom she complained about the frigid horrors of living amongst the Hanoverians.
He was imported at six months by Gamblethorpe Hanoverians in Leeds and Lesley bought him as an unbroken two-yearold.
In this innovative study Mr Knights takes a new look at politics and the development of the Constitution between 1679 and 1716 as part of the revolutionary changes that occurred between the 1640s and the arrival of the Hanoverians.
The Hanoverians consolidated their grip on the north by extending their military presence.
Over the last year she has worked extremely hard to combine full-time police work in Newcastle city centre with producing her Hanoverian gelding Baron, whom she bought as an unbroken two-year-old from Gamblethorpe Hanoverians in Leeds.