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any of the British rulers who were members of the House of Hanover

a member (or supporter) of the house of Hanover

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Prof Simms believes their experience as soldiers, their accurate British Baker rifles and their inspirational leader helped the 378 Hanoverians hold out.
The first Hanoverian, George I, also the Elector of Hanover--that title referring to his role in the Holy Roman Empire--was proclaimed king of the newly United Kingdom on the death without issue of Queen Anne in 1714.
The Hanoverian succession provoked an uprising on the part of the Jacobites, and thirty years later the succession of George II provoked another rebellion, the famous 1745 rising of "Bonnie Prince Charlie" in Scotland.
THE dressage season has got off to a flying start for Lesley Wheatley and her Hanoverian Captain Barbosa, with the pair qualifying for both the national and international five-year-old classes at Hickstead's Young Horse Championship.
TIME WAS WHEN THE HISTORY OF ENGLAND was the history of its kings and queens, and survey textbooks appeared with tides like The Early Stuarts, One of the last of these was Vivian Green's The Hanoverians (1948) which was even then out of fashion in style and content, But times were changing, 'History from below' was born, and new tides like The Age of Improvement and The Age of Revolution cut across traditional dynastic dividing lines.
With the islands full of troops looking for him, a plot was hatched to smuggle him from the Hebrides under the noses of the Hanoverian forces.
LESLEY Wheatley and her young Hanoverian Captain Barbosa secured a top-10 place in the Shearwater Potential International Dressage Horse four-year-old class at this year's LeMieux National Dressage finals at Stoneleigh Park, writes ANNA HARRIS.
The battle was over in less than an hour and some 750 of the Jacobites lay dead, while only about 360 Hanoverians had been killed.
That may well have been the inevitable response to a situation in which they were ruthlessly and wantonly exploited by the Jacobites and bribed, bullied, and distrusted by the Hanoverians.
Over the last year she has worked extremely hard to combine full-time police work in Newcastle city centre with producing her Hanoverian gelding Baron, whom she bought as an unbroken two-year-old from Gamblethorpe Hanoverians in Leeds.
The bloody fighting saw Bonnie Prince Charlie's Jacobite army defeated by the Hanoverians in 1746.
Making frequent and telling use of contemporary correspondence and newspapers, the book traces with great precision how Jacobitism began from the 1688 `Glorious Revolution', then for the next sixty years swung between being a vaguely irritating threat from the Celtic edges of Britain to being serious insurrection with the menace of invasion raising alarmingly direct dangers to the Hanoverians, and how it came closer to overthrowing the dynasty than contemporary or later Whig opinions were easily willing to admit.
EXPERT Prof Cannon's work at the university specialised in Britain under Hanoverians such as George III, right
DOCUMENTARY THE STUARTS IN EXILE BBC2 Scotland, 9pm IN 1715, the Old Pretender James Francis Stuart launched one of Britain's most audacious and longest-running rebellions to reclaim his throne from the Hanoverian King George I.
George II pursued Hanoverian territorial interests in neighbouring principalities, especially in Mecklenburg, East Friesland and Osnabruck.