Glorious Revolution

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the revolution against James II

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I do not doubt that he is on to something important and well worth saying, and indeed perhaps the most compelling parts of his analysis come in the chapters covering the period after 1689--for example the chapter devoted to a wholly new analysis of 29 May day sermons shows no decline in the incidence or polemical clout of those sermons right down to the Hanoverian succession.
Marking the 300th anniversary of the Hanoverian succession, over 300 works drawn from the Royal Collection explore the reigns of George I and his son George II, and the impact this new dynasty had on British political and cultural life.
Over the next century, it became a vehicle whereby Pietist royalty of the Hanoverian succession in Great Britain were able to support the work of Pietist missionaries in South India.
She explores how the heroic and the anti-heroic served as tools of partisan propaganda at moments of political crisis: the Restoration, the Exclusion Crisis, the Glorious Revolution, the Hanoverian Succession, and the 1745 Jacobite rebellion.
Mr Field cites the precedent of the Hanoverian succession in the 18th century, when George I became king.