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the capital city of Vietnam

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Establishing Fraser Suites Hanoi in 2009 and now Modena Hanoi reflects our confidence in the strong potential of Hanoi's serviced apartment market from both corporate and consumer viewpoints with current occupancy rates in the hospitality industry at 95 per cent.
Vietnams' second-largest stock exchange, Hanoi Stock Exchange was founded in 2009 and converted from Hanoi Stock Trading Center in 2005, has offered stock and bond trading services for more than five years.
JAL operates flights from Tokyo (Narita) to Ho Chi Minh and Hanoi and from Osaka (Kansai) to Hanoi.
In Hanoi and Shanghai, participants were recruited using a multistage household sampling process, with statistically appropriate numbers recruited from factory housing and university dorms; participants in Taipei were recruited primarily from schools and universities, but an appropriate number of nonstudents were interviewed as well.
Danang City is the site of a long-term project on childhood injury prevention conducted by the Hanoi School of Public Health.
Tourists need only supply their own clothing and transportation to and from Hanoi.
Modern Vietnam's communism is no more than nominal, and the late nationalist leader Ho Chi Minh's capital of Hanoi has become home to foreign-owned factories representing a form of capitalism as robust and rapacious as any domino theorist could favor.
Government officials informed the Hanoi archdiocese of the building's return at a Jan.
Average salary of a chief executive officer in Hanoi 192,405
TOKYO, March 7 Kyodo - Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said Wednesday there is ''no need'' to hastily negotiate with North Korea over pending bilateral issues as talks in Hanoi between Japan and North Korea on normalizing diplomatic ties stalled shortly after their start on Wednesday.
It's Saturday night in Hanoi, and Nhi and her cousin Thao, 14, are waiting their turn to be photographed at the "Cute Photo Stickers" shop.
Bush, in Hanoi for the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit, announced that the United States is dropping its opposition to Russia's membership in the World Trade Organization (WTO).
MHI) will establish a new representative office in Hanoi effective July 1, 2006, to respond to increasing business opportunities in Vietnam for large-scale projects relating to social infrastructure improvements, including power plant and subway construction, against the backdrop of the country's steady economic growth.
After several weeks of preparation and preservation, the Hanoi Taxi will go on public display this summer in the museum's outdoor airpark.
But as a bumper sticker spotted on a Hanoi street pointed out, "Vietnam is a country, not a war," and today many of Vietnam's most pressing concerns are related to post-war growth.