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(Judaism) an eight-day Jewish holiday commemorating the rededication of the Temple of Jerusalem in 165 BC

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The Hannukah ball features a brilliantly-colored montage of two of the best-known symbols of the Jewish Festival of Lights -- the dreidel, a four- sided top with Hebrew letters that stand for Nes Gadol Haya Sham, meaning "a great miracle happened there," against a background of Hannukah "gelt," representing the real (and chocolate
Jeff, Susan, Sander and Alex Gusinow of Eugene create photo parodies, including this "Hannukah at the Osbournes" card, for their Hannukah greetings.
Not only appropriate for Jewish people, but for those who love them and want to learn to celebrate the holiday of Hannukah with them, this adorable stuffed bee also teaches
The celebration of both Hannukah and Thanksgiving on the same day is a unique occasion.
There was a parade of light from world festivals like Hallowe''en, bonfire night, Christmas, Divali, Hannukah and the Chinese New Year (tmc121113ashbrow) | EYES ON THE WORLD: Six-year-old Steven Vaughan holds the boomerang as Thurstonland Beavers chart the progress of HMS Beaver (tmc121113thurstonland)
Over 200 recipes for all occasions are profiled in a gathering that covers not just Christmas but Thanksgiving, Hannukah and more.
Rabbi Boris Dolin will lead Hannukah songs at 10:15 a.
He revealed that he'd found his muse on the way to a Hannukah festival last December.
With themes ranging from Cocktail Hour, Birthdays, and Gametime to Summertime and Tropical inspired sets, ClinQs come in a variety of collections that recipients are sure to love--and don't forget, Christmas, Hannukah, and New Year's Eve are right around the corner again--oh, yes they are; surely you remember just how fast last year went?
We did a little Hannukah, a little Christmas, a little Easter, a little Passover.
The confluence of the brotherhood theme in Genesis Chapter 37--the antagonism of Jacob's older sons toward their brother Joseph--and the festival of Hannukah that celebrates the victory of the unified Maccabee brothers, has much to teach us about the relative values of merely genetic brotherhood as compared to spiritual bonding, the inner urge to connect, among those not related by blood.
Religious organizations may nurture a religious presence within multiple publics by encouraging its members to observe holy days by displaying religious symbols: a creche during Christmas or placing menorahs in their windows during Hannukah.
We have a Hannukah bush in the living room - with a fairy on top," she says.
3) With their 2-year-old daughter, Alexandra, Ron Weiler and his wife, Nicole Radoumis-Weiler, celebrate both Christmas and Hannukah.
The children have already experienced Diwali and Ramadan and next they will be learning about the Jewish festival of Hannukah, before enjoying the Christmas celebrations.