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a town in northeast Missouri on the Mississippi River

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Old Hannibal is going crazy," was the burden of his report.
Old Hannibal would turn up his toes out of sheer hurt feelings.
Further, the door was locked behind him, and, the moment he was in, keeping a casual but alert eye on the pacing Hannibal, he reiterated his order to lock the door and remove the key.
Coming back and finding his way blocked, Hannibal did not roar.
Nor, because it came up slowly, and because Collins had anticipated the yawn by being one thought ahead of Hannibal in Hannibal's own brain, was the nose rapped.
And Hannibal, the largest lion in captivity, with all his teeth, captured out of the jungle after he was full-grown, a veritable king of beasts, before the menacing broomstick in the hand of a sliver of a man, backed deeper and more crumpled together into the corner.
He prodded Hannibal with the end of the broom-handle, after each prod poising it for a stroke.
And Hannibal exposed his nose and with his red tongue licked again the tan shoe and the slender, tan-silken ankle that he could have destroyed with one crunch.
My soldier son says that there is still a great deal to be learnt from Hannibal.
You are like the infant Hannibal," said Winterbourne.
It was a bold move, and it established Hannibal as one of history's greatest commanders.
What's needed is a critical mass of get-off-your-asstivism, as outlined by Mary Ellen Hannibal in Citizen Scientist.
And when faced with a planet scarred by industrialization and climate change, these efforts might be exactly what we need, environmental journalist Mary Ellen Hannibal argues in Citizen Scientist.
Summary: The family of Amal Movement founder Imam Musa Sadr Thursday decried a decision by the Criminal Chamber of the Court of Cassation to change the judicial investigator in the case against Hannibal Gadhafi.
More than 90,000 soldiers, 10,000 horses and 37 elephants followed Hannibal into northern Italy.