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United States film actor (born in 1956)

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Yet, while Hanks recreated the accent, he accidently said the f-word, and right after saying the word, Hanks immediately expresses shock, as does host Elizabeth Vargas.
But that's what they do in this recession-themed romantic comedy directed by Hanks and co-written by Nia Vardalos (My Big Fat Greek Wedding).
Turns out Hanks seriously bonded with the film's British/Scottish cast, including James McAvoy, who was the doctor in "The Last King of Scotland," when the film was being shot in England.
Despite years of medical treatment after the August 2000 incident, Lieutenant Paul Hanks, who was known as ``Tom'', was judged no longer fit to train as a pilot or serve as a commissioned officer in the Royal Navy.
Spielberg's last film featured Hanks as a buttoned-down FBI agent on the trail of Leonardo DiCaprio's teenage scam artist.
Hanks plays Viktor, who, upon landing at Kennedy Airport, is immediately placed in limbo because his native country, Krakozhia, has undergone a coup.
Hanks talked about the ways his longtime pal director Robert Zemeckis has tried to kill him (including drowning during ``Cast Away'') and seeing his father cry for the first time after watching ``Zulu'' at the drive-in.
We could tell you about how ``The Polar Express,'' the latest collaboration between actor Tom Hanks and director Robert Zemeckis, is the first movie to use a new technology called ``performance capture.
As one of the leaders of Waupaca's 15 person sales and marketing staff, Roy Hanks, marketing manager, understands that marketing and sales, while working hand in hand, are critical functions for every foundry and must complement each other.
1 -- 2 -- color) Julia Roberts, left, and Tom Hanks pause for the cameras after winning Golden Globe awards in the top film acting categories Sunday.
Hanks, and his wife, Debra, have four children: Adrianne, Brandon, Tiffany, and Lindsey.
a genteel Southern gentleman whose white suit nicely offsets his discolored teeth, Hanks speaks with honey tones and over-embellished sentence structures.
PALMDALE - Robert Herrera's big scene in ``The Terminal'' occurs when he asks Tom Hanks ``Are you OK?
After years of slogging through dystopian sci-fi futures, World War II battlefields, rain-drenched Depressions and endless cycles of 19th-century violence, Steven Spielberg, Tom Hanks and Leonardo DiCaprio needed to have some fun.
It felt practically preordained to hold the premiere of this stunningly shot and moving acted period epic, starring Tom Hanks, Paul Newman, Jude Law and newcomer Tyler Hoechlin, on a screen flanked by two larger-than-life gold Oscar statues.