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In Han'guk kidokkyosa yongu: Hanguk kidokkyo wa minjok t'ongil undong [Studies in Korean Christianity: Korean Christianity and a Movement for National Unification] (Seoul: Han'guk kidokkyo yoksa yonguso, 2001), 317.
These works include the acclaimed two-volume 1996 work by Myung-lim Park, Hanguk j njaeng' I palbalkwa giwon (Origins and Development of the Korean War).
Hyung-ki Lee, Theologies Appeared in Evangelism and 3 Flows of Ecumenical Movement (Seoul: Hanguk Jangrokyo Chulpansa, 1999), 145.
Munmyong ui jongchi sasang: Yu Kilchun kwa kundae Hanguk [The political ideology of civilization: Yu Kilchun and modern Korea].
A few of many relevant examples are Munhwa Ilbo, January 21, 1997 (a defector complains that he is unable to read even signboards and ads); Hanguk Ilbo, February 20, 1997 (a defector says he cannot read even a name on a name card; names are normally written in Chinese characters); The Segye Times, October 22, 1995 (a defector states that problems with English loanwords and Chinese characters are the major obstacle in his adjustment to a new life); Cha Hyeong-seok, "Talbuk cheongsonyeon 'Na-neun hakgyo-reul sireo'" [The defectors youngsters: "We hate going to school"], Sisa Journal.
See also Choi Young-Sil's "Han-e Chil-gok-ae-soh Pe-oh-ni-nun Hanguk Yoh-song Shinhak" ["Korean Feminist Theology Arising out of Han"] 100 (Spring 1998) 121-55.
Hanguk Yeonghwa Jeongcheckeui Heurmgua Saeroun Jeonmang.
Hanguk Grisdoindeului Sinanggobaek [Confessions of Korean Christians] (Seoul: Handeul, 1997), 52-55 cf.