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a loose narrow strip of skin near the base of a fingernail


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It makes absolutely no sense to send a fire crew in a 15-ton, $700,000 firetruck to someone who has a hangnail," he said.
I have hangnails and callouses and blisters and baggage .
The thumbnails were short and long, with polish and hangnails, stained from the playground or classroom activities.
Warts occur more easily if the skin has been damaged in some way, which explains the high frequency of warts in children who are prone to cuts and scrapes, and who bite their nails or pick at hangnails.
My manicurist will come out with a study that says women who file their nails the wrong way are not any more likely to get hangnails.
Massage in for a minute to get rid of hangnails and make your nails look instantly smooth and shiny.
But we're not talking hangnails here, or even ankle sprains.
There's safety in light bulbs And groups of three or more And hands Empty Of doorknobs and alien flesh Clenched to hide hangnails and fingerprints And .
I'm a person who worries about recurrent hangnails, so "if your intestines fall out" kept me up, terrified, for most of the night.
Though devastating, the California freeze received relatively little publicity, compared with one of Mother Nature's most well-known offspring, El Nino, which caused a media frenzy that left the country blaming everything from hangnails to hurricanes on this unfamiliar weather phenomenon.
Her hands are copper, no, the color of lignite, with black hangnails, they're cracked, and all the cracks are full of black, fertile oil.
Cowards either flee because they cannot abide the intimations of their own mortality or babble on and on about their own hangnails.
People have got to start understanding that insurance never was designed to take care of the sniffles, hangnails, and diaper rash," he says.
DALLAS -- Dry, cracked cuticles can cause painful hangnails and discomfort.
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