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a Japanese (paper or silk) wall hanging

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First, guests enter the tearoom and appreciate the decorations chosen by the host such as a hanging scroll in the alcove.
Korin, Koetsu and Hoitsu produced sets of hanging scroll sets with and without the poems, as well as in works on paper or in Koetsu's designs on ceramic.
figured in the empty spaces of Ni's hanging scrolls arises from
However, she could have made more clear the relationship between murals found in temple and monastery halls (which continued to be produced in China throughout the imperial period, for example, murals within Kaihuasi from the eleventhth century, Yonglegong from the fourteenth century, and Fahaisi from the fifteenth century) and the art produced for court which shifted from an emphasis on mural paintings to portable hanging scrolls.
Hanging scrolls were not permanently hung rather they were unrolled and viewed sometimes weekly or seasonally.
On show during the exhibition were items such as hanging scrolls and lacquerware.
The suspects defrauded some followers out of several million yen each by selling hanging scrolls, ornaments and other goods, after warning the followers that they will die young, or their company will go bankrupt, the sources said.
There is a new museum to visit in Japan, filled not with hanging scrolls or woodblock prints, but mainly with impressionist paintings and Mediterranean antiquities.
They are now mounted as hanging scrolls, but were originally part of a larger suite of sliding-door paintings, as we know from a life-size copy of the originals.
Hanging scrolls have a long history in China and are the most common and recognizable form of Chinese paintings and calligraphy.
Water Series," 2004-2008, and "Beijing Green Series," 2004-2007, consist of ink-jet prints on rice paper mounted on hanging scrolls.
69 million yen each between 1989 and 1997, by telling them to undergo expensive training sessions and selling them religious goods such as hanging scrolls to cure the alleged illnesses, the ruling said.
Calligraphy of a Poem is mounted as a hanging scroll and may have been placed in the tokonoma (toe' koe no ma), a special alcove in a house set aside for the display of hanging scrolls and other art objects.
1) by Ogata Korin (1658-1716; the word Rimpa was derived from his name in the 20th century), as well as other screen paintings and hanging scrolls by later artists, such as Sakai Hoitsu (1761-1828) and Suzuki Kiitsu (1796-1858; Fig.