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The town is world-famous as a base for paragliding and hanggliding flying schools, where you can take lessons and/or hire equipment (for example, Ganterfly on 00 34 629 568914, www.
IF your idea of fun is hanggliding down a mountainous ravine or windsurfing in shark- infested waters this is the car for you.
Peril and pleasure in the maintenance of a high risk sport: A study of hanggliding.
Special equipment for adventure tourism activities like water sports, hanggliding, trekking, mountaineering, angling, golf, indoor sports equipment, power boats, water rafts, canoes, water and snow skiing equipment which is provided by the travel trade as a service to the tourists will be allowed to be imported free of Customs Duty and Sales Tax.
But the fast-rising thermals generated in Telluride's bowl-shaped valley offer plenty of lift, and the sculpted peaks provide a stunning backdrop for the action of the 11th annual Telluride Hanggliding Festival.
Still shaking, and with adrenaline pumping through my veins, I headed straight for the small bar set among all the stalls which were selling tandem flights for both paragliding and hanggliding.
I have been in a helicopter but I have always wanted to try hanggliding and never had the chance before.