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gliding in a hang glider

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It's the story of a radical Egyptologist from Essex and his attempts to bring his son back to life after he was killed in a tragic accident involving a hangglider and a crow.
Also of interest to those who would seek to help Newbrook follow up his recollections is the fact that he suffered serious brain injury when his hangglider crashed in August 1995.
This area of the park is great for younger kids but my two, having got a taste for the adrenaline hits of the extreme rides, would only agree to have a go on the Cyclosaur - a sort of pedal-powered hangglider.
The bottle has been transported around the Hilton Hotel group by helicopter, hangglider and even by husky sledge.
POLICE who were called out because a hangglider was seen spiralling out of control found the aircraft was actually a kite being piloted by a polystyrene Elvis doll.
She also really enjoyed the interactive Cylosaur, high-flying, pedal-powered hanggliders - on which the faster we pedalled the higher we flew.
All 17, including two hanggliders who had landed on the beach on the wrong side of the fall, were rescued by the Lyme Regis Coastguard.