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a worker who hangs something

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anything from which something can be hung

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Power management company Eaton today announced a new series of deck hanger brackets designed to reduce labor while meeting critical electrical code requirements through a robust riveted assembly and identical ends that do not require the installer to identify proper side prior to installation.
If anyone wants the bottle, I'll happily swap for some sturdy wooden hangers with metal clips.
is leads me to wonder whether charity shops really need so much given to them if they can aord to use proceeds from charity, given in good faith by people wanting their money given directly to the charity, spent on items such as their own coat hangers so they can all look the same.
The hangers were weakened by corrosion from water and road salt.
If you need more space, swap those attractive but cumbersome wooden hangers for slimmer plastic ones and look for flock covering - as this stops them being slippery.
The company supplies hangers to hundreds of major garment manufacturers.
These so-called interactive hangers, developed by digital product firm teamLab Inc.
in Taiwan, is promoting its multifunctional electric clothes hanger that features remote control, air ventilator, and UV lighting.
So you Think you Can Dance presenter Cat, 34, is fronting the campaign urging shoppers to hand their hangers back when they buy new clothes and boost funds for Unicef.
Try using plastic clothes hangers to make soaker hose anchors.
AheadofWorldEnvironment Day tomorrow, St David's in Cardiff has begun giving away unwanted clothes hangers.
FASTBACK AISLE SIGN HANGERS FROM SOUTHERN IMPERIAL provide more solutions for merchandisers and display designers to display product information and promotion, as well as provide aisle marking capabilities, according to officials for the Rockford, Ill.
VIDOR'S HANGERS I discovered my love of hangers in old man Vidor's closet_ As Hungarian refugees, my parents sublet a room in Mr.
More than 530 million unwanted coat hangers are sent to landfill every year.