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a worker who hangs something

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anything from which something can be hung

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Gary Barker, Ditto's founder and CEO noted, "People think plastic store hangers are used repeatedly but once the garment is sold, there's no reuse.
Beehive Picture Hangers are different from traditional hardware because they limit damage to walls, are adjustable in any direction, require absolutely no measurements to hang a frame, and stop frames from tilting.
There seem to be certain objects around the home that almost defy the concept of tidy storage, and clothes hangers often seem to be one of them.
in Taiwan, is promoting its multifunctional electric clothes hanger that features remote control, air ventilator, and UV lighting.
M&S has pledged to donate 50p for every pounds 1 saved on hangers with a target of raising pounds 1.
By turning recycled hangers into money for charity, it means M&S staff and customers are doing a great thing every time they drop a hanger into the box.
The Prescot-based firm estimates up to two million hangers can be found in wardrobes across the country - and now it wants to recycle them.
Up to a fifth of the hangers found in UK homes never get used, according to research for Johnson Cleaners.
Marks & Spencer's Newcastle store is encouraging customers to dig out and recycle their unwanted coat hangers as part of a coat hanger amnesty taking place over the next three days.
Bosses estimate that the hangers amount to 4,000 tonnes of plastic that could either be reused or recycled.
When patients hang the electronic hangers, each with their own ID and metal connection, on the rail, it detects the hangers and their smart garments, which incorporate conductive material and integrated electronics.
One of their most curious behaviors is that they use hangers for nest materials.
The hangers are made in three basic designs; floor, ceiling, or wall mount.
Furthermore, there is a strong possibility that if additional tariffs on Chinese wire hangers were imposed, production would simply shift to Third World countries, which could not be subject to section 421's China-specific restrictions.
For a relatively small investment, you can completely revamp your closets so as to have these task-oriented hangers provide uniformity and utility, en route following actress Joan Crawford's primal scream, "No wire hangers--ever