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a city of eastern China on Hangzhou Bay

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Finding that no bank would cash his travelers checks, Birch lived on his meager savings until April 1942, when, against all odds, he finally managed to cash his travelers checks at Chinese Army Headquarters at Hangchow.
Chin Nung, a native of Hangchow, was the most versatile of the Yangchow painters and the best informed art historically owing to wide study of old paintings undertaken in the course of his career as an art dealer.
The planned course covered targets in Nanking, Wuhan, Hangchow, Shangjao (where Robin Yeh had crashed) and Foochow.
The very prosperous areas near the mouth of the Yangtze, especially Soochow with its fine gardens and Hangchow with its West Lake, were the centers of this rich and anxious culture, and conventionality was almost inevitable in writing about them.
1956 in Hangchow [Hubei]) completed his secondary studies in 1973, after which he worked as a laborer for the next ten years, finally finding employment in the Department of Culture in Huanggang (Hubei).
I visited a KFC one evening in Hangchow to sample the local chicken.
Here he was to succeed Trigault, who after only two years of pioneer work had been sent to Hangchow.
Meng Yuan-lao was very likely one of the refugees who found a sanctuary in the scenic city of Hangchow, the provisional capital of the Southern Sung.
At Cheeloo University, housed in a Buddhist temple near Hangchow, our little church baptized and received twenty-one new members just a month before the Communists arrived.
Widespread and pervasive as it may be in the Hangchow dialect lexicon, such a form would have only one entry in a morpheme-based comparativ e listing of rimes.