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Tigers, leopards and wild boar can keep you happily occupied for hours, and who can resist the chance to fly a hang-glider over the rainforest canopy?
So unless you get the screaming ab-dabs in a plane, you'll be fine in one of his hang-gliders.
The British Hang-glider and Parachuting Association have been informed and a report will be sent to the Procurator Fiscal.
I have used acrobatic hang-glider flights to explore the short vital moments when we have to encounter the unexpected.
He was flying from the cliff face at Buckstones Lodge, just off the A640 - a popular spot for hang-gliders and paragliders.
SINCE he was a boy, Mr Kirk has been keen on "breaking the bonds of the earth", flying anything from hang-gliders and microlites to old canvas aircraft.
Meirion Davies, prosecuting, said Fenwick dealt with a company called Firebird UK, which supplied the centre with equipment for paragliders and hang-gliders.
Mr Freeman, aged 47, sometimes flies powered sailplanes over the beach near his home and has launched unpowered hang-gliders from seaside cliffs but has not yet been forced to ditch in the sea at Newbiggin.
He added: "The area is very popular with hang-gliders.
Then competing with other hang-gliders who are trying to get higher than you.
Marsden photographer Stuart Vidler was perched on top of the moor miles above Outlane - a popular spot among hang-gliders - when he grabbed the chance to get this photograph that gives the impression he is flying alongside.
It soon became obvious he had a natural talent for it and in 1980 he visited California, home to some of the world's best hang-gliders.
There is a danger that hang-gliders may touch pylons or lines, or a child may be flying a kite near to wires and (it may) become entangled,' he said.
A PILOT was killed yesterday after two hang-gliders crashed in mid-air.
Swinging up the mountain in a car that could hold 50 people, I spotted hikers moving up the steep trails, folks seated on benches reading in the warm sun and hang-gliders stepping off high, green peaks into space.