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Or hijack transportation, including hang-gliders and jet-skis.
The group of Siberian cranes had been raised in captivity at the Kushevat ornithological station on Yamal and Putin s task in his hang-glider was to pose as a giant bird to guide them on the correct migration route south after their release.
45pm on Friday, a hang-glider crashed to the ground during a training flight at Darley Moor, Ashbourne.
4 kilograms of cocaine into the frame of his hang-glider, which was discovered during a search at Jakarta's main international airport when the man arrived at the airport on 2 August 2003.
The pair were about to take off in a double-harnessed parapente, a large parachute like a hang-glider, when they stumbled near the edge.
Glider's a fall guy A FRENCH hang-glider taking part in a contest in Brasilia was arrested in the garden of Brazilian president Bruno Guilen after crash-landing and flattening several flowerbeds.
A TRAIN was forced to brake after a pilot crashed his motorised hang-glider into 25,000 volt overhead power lines serving one of the country's major railways.
I have used acrobatic hang-glider flights to explore the short vital moments when we have to encounter the unexpected.
Local newspaper Vedomosti, citing anonymous sources, reported that he was suffering the effects of a back injury sustained while flying in a hang-glider with a flock of Siberian cranes in September.
letter WELL done to Kev Farmer, of East London, for this caption to last week's picture of Russian President Vladimir Putin on a motorised hang-glider leading cranes on a migration route.
A DRAMATIC moorland rescue was mounted to save an injured hang-glider pilot.
Faulkner then went out and bought a hang-glider, which he intended to fly into Afghanistan, Sage said.
Much of this pounds 100 billion, or pounds 5,000 for every working age family, has been used to prop up the mismanaged banking system which continues to pay shed loads of money to high flyers I would not trust with a hang-glider, and to prop up our leaky benefits system which even a child could unpick.
World-class hang-glider and sailplane pilot Geoff Loyns has died at the age of 56.
UP, UP AND AWAY: Falconer Jonathan Marshall in his hang-glider, alongside Sampson, the golden eagle he nursed back to health